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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Song - There's Nothing Like A Hit

This is the first track on my new album

LIFESWORK: 2005 AND COUNTING The Joe Viglione Publishing Catalog, Vol. 1
17 songs - 21 tracks (instrumentals and alternate takes)

#1 DOWNLOAD ON Boston Phoenix MP3 1/30/05

FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK - Phoenix/MP3 1/24/05 - 1/31/05

"Friend" 10:17 AM 91.7 FM Salem State College Sunday, 1/30/05
"Nothing Like A Hit" 10:21 AM 91.7 FM Salem State College, 1/30/05

There's Nothing Like A Hit is very special to me, the many travels of record producer Jimmy Miller and his colleague/business partner Joe Viglione as they knocked on the doors of the various A & R men and record label presidents in the 1980s.

Melissa Manchester said while performing at Boston's Symphony Hall in the early to mid 1970s that a hit record can get you from one place to another quicker than a plane, car or a train (paraphrased). She's right, of course!

Key Points!

---Hit #1 in The Boston Phoenix/MP3 Downloads, Midnight 1/30/05!!!

---1/24/05 FEATURED ARTIST FOR THE WEEK Boston Phoenix/MP3

Hear both "There's Nothing Like A Hit" and the double A side
"I Want You Sexually"

---Play on WNSH 1/15/05, WMWM 91.7 FM 1/16/05, 1/31/05 10:21 AM

---Song performed by Joe at Great Woods/Tweeter Center

---Played by D.J. Rick Newman on WHOB, Nashua, New Hampshire

---pre-release CDR currently being shipped to radio and press

---Cover design by Boston O'Donohue, United Kingdom for the commercial release.

The instrumental version of "There's Nothing Like A Hit" concludes LIFESWORK.

We also have a "dance mix" and a Boston Red Sox mix that are both unreleased.

Quotes On "There's Nothing Like A Hit"

Songwriter Harriet Schock

(composer of the Top 10 hit "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", along with the love theme to the film"Berry Gordy's Last Dragon")

Dear Joe,
I'm really enjoying your CD. "Nothing like a Hit" has a great hook. I think the title "2005 and Counting" is very clever considering who the artist is. :) !
Clint Weiler Director of Publicity
Music Video Distributors Eclectic DVD Distribution
Wed, January 26, 2005 10:47 am

Very catchy, solid indie rock songs that create atmospheric and
melodramatic auras (a la 60s psychedelia of the Yardbirds and Mamas &
the Papas) while combining the rock'n'revelry of early REM or the Cure.

Dick Wagner Guitarist Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, The Frost; Produced Mark Farner
Wrote many hits with Alice Cooper

Mon, 10 Jan 2005 20:35:06 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

I just finished listening to your CD and I can see why you want to release it. Very musical and very interesting. You are a child of rock / 60s 70s and it comes through loud and clear.


"With 'There's Nothing Like a Hit,' Joe Viglione delivers his most kinetic track, a roiling romp that plants its insistent chorus in your memory banks straight out of the gate. A celebration of hit records? A coy dis? You decide."

Mark Doyon, Wampus Multimedia


Danny Sheridan,
c/o T h e M u s i c G r o u p
16161 Ventura Boulevard Ste714
Encino CA 91436 /
Songwriter/Producer "The Eli Radish Band with David Allan Coe" and
Manager/Producer for original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood (Sirius Satellite Big80s)

Joe !

Congrats ... you caught me from the opening bar of "There's Nothing Like A Hit".
I miss hearing those ratty, underprocessed guitars on the radio.
Cool. It's about time !!!

Danny Sheridan

Joan "Nina" Collins,
The Middlesex Beat
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 18:42:35 -0500

Great stuff, I really liked the grove on "... Nothing Like A Hit..." you could dance the night away!N
From: Mark Snyder Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 20:17:08 EST

Joe I loved both tunes. I think that both have a B52-type sound and could be hits with adequate airplay.

Mark Snyder, CEO

The Internet's Entertainment Superstation
(Over NINE MILLION LISTENERS and counting!)

Producer/Writer/Host, The Sixty Second Trivia Quiz on
WMJX-106.7 FM, WROR-105.7 FM, and WBOS-92.9 FM
Buzzy Linhart (Composer of Bette Midler's 3rd Top 40 hit "FRIENDS")

"There's Nothing Like, There's Nothing Like a ...HIT!"
1/24/05 10:39 PM e.s.t.

Jeff Mastroberti (writer, former WSIA disc jockey)

Ted Drozdowski, writer, former Phoenix editor
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:11:34 EST


Dinky Dawson
Wed, January 26, 2005 2:38 pm

...keep up the good work, yes time to do your "Hit" song.


You really have conquered the studio. Those are gorgeous sounding recordings. You have lots of great songs. I already knew that but having them in one place is overwhelming.


There's Nothing Like A Hit (Legal Title) BMI Work #1491235
Words & Music by Joe Viglione

Var Music Publishing, BMI

Jimmy Miller was heading to Houston (pronounced HOUSE-ton )
We had appointments with the A & Rs
Le Parker Meredian to Gramercy Park
What's The Fastest Way to Get To The Stars

Hit, there's nothing like a hit, nothing like a hit...

You win the lottery watch out what you wish for
on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Mike Tyson, Ted Williams, Eric Carmen
None of them had hits like Al Capone

Hit, There's nothing like a hit!


THERE S NOTHING LIKE A HIT (Legal Title) BMI Work #1491235

Obtain a license to cover this song:

Var Music Publishing Company, BMI
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn, MA 01888

the players...

Joe Viglione - lead & backing vocals
Daphne Armone - female lead vocals
Jon Macey - guitar, keys, backing vocals
Matt O'Connor - backing vocals
Steve Lytle - drums
MacGregor McGehee - Bass

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